A Beginners Guide to Watersports in Dubai

Dubai seems to have it all⁠—a 50 km of pristine shoreline, high-end shopping streets, a bustling nightlife scene, an endless list of dining options, amazing tourist destinations, and a multitude of fun activities.

With a little research, you’ll find Dubai water sports as a part of your bucket. Dubai’s beaches are precisely where you need to go if you enjoy the adrenaline rush and marine thrill. Water sports are popular in Dubai as the beaches in the area are among the nicest and cleanest in the globe and most suitable for water sports such as jet-skiing, fly-boarding, and the like.

While making the most out of Dubai’s clear, blue skies and temperate climate, go for a fun high-speed tour on a jet ski or even something like Flyboarding that is a little more adventurous.

A Dubai trip may not be considered complete without a visit to its tranquil beaches and trying out a few adrenaline-pumping water sports. Here’s our beginner’s guide to some of the must-try Water Sports in Dubai.

Jet Skiing in Dubai

Jet skiing could be one of your life’s most exciting experiences. Have an enjoyable time on the ocean while taking in the beauty of Dubai with a jet-ski session.

But if they are not driven properly or recklessly, Jet Ski can also be hazardous. So we’re telling you precisely how to ride one, always keeping your safety in mind.

Riding a Jet is similar to how you’d ride a bicycle. You guide the handlebars in the direction you want to move, and the jet pivots below the craft to turn. Like any watercraft, a Jet Ski is easier and faster to steer and manage with momentum.

Safety First

Are you donning a life jacket and flexible clothes? It is the first step to keep you secure in case you drop off the coast in the water.

Afterwards, you need a cord or a kill switch. This swirls all over the wrist and is connected to the craft’s ignition. The kill switch would be taken out if you dropped off the ski to kill the motor so that the ski gets to a full stop.

Please ensure that when you rent a jet ski, you get a complete safety instruction to keep informed on what and what not to do.

How To Ride

As you ride, sit down slightly bent forward and relax. This allows you to slack a little while cruising through the waves.

You will also have a firmer grip, as your shoulders won’t get as easily shaken off from the controls.

Begin at lower speeds until the controls make you very comfortable. But don’t start until you’re well away from the shore, boats, and other watercraft to complete throttle. Keep in mind that stopping distances on the water can be significant if you are planning to go fast. Always leave plenty of extra space to take this into consideration

When you first stumble across waves, it can be exciting, and a little frightening. If you ride a wave, you and the Jet Ski might well be out of the ocean, and when you start to drift down, you should be prepared for the impact. Then try to relax if you cross waves. Going too rapidly, instead of over, will push the jet ski through the wave.

Be Mindful of Hazards

Initially, aim to keep away from other boats (particularly powerboats) that can produce an unpleasant wake for a rookie When inevitable, try to ensure that you cross the coming wake produced by a boat at a 45-60 degree angle. This will enable you to safely cross the wake without the danger of overturning the Jet Ski.

Boats and other private watercraft, especially when moving at elevated speeds, can be dangerous. Respect their space at all times and prevent going too close.

If you’re close to buoys anywhere, note that they’re going to have ropes attached⁠—which can be connected to another buoy in a near-surface chain. Slow down if you believe this is the case and thoroughly inspect the scenario.

If the water is dark and you can’t tell if a rope resides, find another path. Always use assigned watercraft lanes when you approach the shore and never attempt to approach a beach in any other manner.

Docking Your Craft

After your ride, significantly lower your speed as you approach the coastline. Cut the throttle as you approach, and then completely stop the engine when you’re very near. Coast in and hop off slowly when it’s stable.


Flyboarding is the nearest thing to floating freely over water. You can enjoy the high viewpoints of Dubai on one of these fly boards without jumping from insane heights or flying with parachutes.

A liquid-propelled fly board can be ridden by one person at a time and can punch in the air for up to nine meters and keep you afloat ⁠—considering that you maintain your balance. A 20 m tube is linked to private watercraft, cranking water at extreme pressure and diverting the water output to two jets at the lower part of the board.

To put it mildly, it’s an intense and exciting experience! Don’t fret, because instructors are there to guide you through it all. Ask a friend to capture all the action with a camera!

Safety First

Do not show up drunk and do not drink before flyboarding as fun as it may sound. If you’re pregnant, flyboarding is another total no go for. 

In case of high tide and aggressive wind speeds, flyboarding wouldn’t be a good time. It can be dangerous and too risky to go on a flyboarding activity during inclement weather. 

Wear safety gear at all times and wear it correctly. The bodysuit and helmet on your body should be snug and the boots are crucial to keeping you protected. Always make sure you’re far enough apart from your Waverunner that there couldn’t be any harm to you.

How To Ride

Balance is also extremely important for flyboarding. Your instructor will teach you the best stance on your fly board to be secure. Always bend your knees a little forward for a good balance and stand upright. 

Moreover, ensure that both your body and mind are laid back and calm, especially when you use the fly board for the first time.

Learn with patience. Understand that you won’t be automatically a pro on your first time! Before you go into expert movements, make sure you are an expert at the basics! Above all, never give up. Willpower and persistence will always pay off and you’ll find yourself as an expert in flyboarding in no time all while enjoying one of the best activities ever.

Final Thoughts

Watersports in Dubai are fast-paced and adrenaline-filled! Whether you’re trying to escape the scorching Dubai heat or just seeking to tick some stuff off your bucket list, Dubai’s beaches offer a completely enthralling and thrilling experience.

Armed with state-of-the-art equipment and professional instructors to help you have the utmost fun while keeping you safe, Ride in Dubai offers a high-quality service to make your Jet Ski or Flyboard experience one of Dubai’s best.

Clearly, there is nothing stopping you from taking part in some entertaining water sports when you’re in Dubai!

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