Golden Rules 101: Protecting Your Kidneys From Risks

Our organs operate like a machine that protects our body from any disease hazards. One such organ that we will be discussing in the blog today is about our kidneys.

By working day and night, the kidneys attempt their utmost to keep your body’s health. And to return the favor, we should take good care of it by defending it from any hazards that influence our body in any way possible. This operates like a cycle, the better we care for our kidneys, the better our body performs. Urologists argue that our body’s kidneys play a crucial role, which can lead to heavy hazards down the road if not tended to. So, inculcating a healthy lifestyle is essential, so it will benefit you.

Your kidneys perform several functions in your body, some of which you might not be even aware of. But the most important ones are, the waste products, excess water or the other impurities in your blood are filtered from your blood. Some of these wastes end up getting stored in your bladder and then is flushed out through urine. In this blog we will learn about how to return the favour by keeping the kidneys healthy, suggested by our urologists:

Consume Fluids

You must’ve heard your doctors asking you to consume 8 glasses of water a day and this is extremely beneficial on so many levels. The more water you drink, the better you get benefitted from any risks that are bound to fall on you. The reason why this theory came into existence is to help you stay hydrated throughout the day, which effectively shows on your body as well. When you end up drinking gallons of water every day, your kidney is thanking you from within. Water has plenty of benefits, by helping you lower the risk of being a victim to chronic diseases. This helps in clearing the sodium and toxins that have been accumulated in your kidneys. 

Try aiming for 8 glasses of water a day, so that you’ll at least reach close to consuming an adequate amount of water to keep your body hydrated. You should consider your lifestyle patterns and other factors like your general health, pregnancy or climate to consider your daily intake of water. If you’ve ever been a victim to kidney related diseases like kidney stones, you should level up your water intake so that it helps in preventing stone deposits in the future.

Stay Fit 

Do not give up on exercises and your fitness pattern. Urologists have claimed that exercising regularly is extremely good for your body as well as your health. This particular pattern can help in reducing one’s risk of chronic kidney disease. By exercise, it doesn’t necessarily mean straining yourself to the point of exhaustion, but just enough time spent on it every day to boost your energy level and to awaken your sleeping muscles. This helps in boosting your heart health and also in reducing your blood pressure, which is extremely important to prevent damages to your kidney.  

Try engaging in activities that you enjoy and keeps your body on the move. This will help you have fun and also are great for your health. Once you adapt to this lifestyle, make sure that you stick to it so that you can have great results in the future.

Eat Healthy

When you consume a good amount of water in a single day, you will comparatively eat lesser which is actually a good thing. People who are trying to lose their weight  can stick to this idea as it helps in hydrating your body as well as keeps your weight under check. Urologists in Dubai have claimed that people who are overweight are under the risk of falling under the category of several health conditions that leads to damaging your kidneys. Some of these health conditions include heart disease, diabetes, and even kidney disease. 

In order to steer clear from such risks, try maintaining a healthy diet that’s comparatively low in sodium, avoiding processed meats and other foods that damage your kidney. Instead, you can consume fresh ingredients like fish, whole grains, cauliflower, etc that are low in sodium. When you visit a restaurant, consider mentioning to reduce the amount of salt they add to your food. By taking such steps, you will be one step closer to a risk-free kidney. You can also talk to our urologist for more healthy food habits.

Avoid Smoking

You must’ve read many articles and feedbacks about the risks of smoking and why one should avoid it, strictly. Urologists have claimed that people who smoke on a regular basis, are prone to kidney diseases at a higher rate. This will only get worse, if not treated or taken precautions at the earliest may lead to kidney cancer.

Smoking damages your body’s blood vessels. This leads to slower blood flow throughout your body and to your kidneys. Studies show that smoking tends to slow down the blood flow to the kidneys. And when this happens, there is lesser blood reaching the kidneys, making it unable to function properly. 

Check Your Blood Pressure

Sweets are a great thing to indulge in but the risks that fall over consumption of it are devastatingly high. Urologists state that they come across a lot of people who have diabetes and half of them have issues with their kidneys. Studies show that people who have diabetes are under the great of developing kidney disease, and so it’s important to get your kidneys checked with regular tests. 

The earlier you detect the kidney damage due to diabetes, the better. So that it can be prevented or reduced once the damage has been detected early. You can seek from our urologists who can help you control the blood sugar levels with the help of medications or other means. 

By now, you must’ve learned the importance of kidneys and how it is extremely important to take care of them and keep them healthy. If you’re facing any of these risks which have been mentioned above, talk to our Urologist in Dubai to know more. 


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