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House A Mess? Learn How The Box Can Help You Manage Your Stuff

Stepping into a house and seeing it cluttered is one of the most disturbing sights ever. A clean and organized home is not only pleasing to the eye but is also very relaxing. In a place like Dubai, storage is a problem since many apartments and houses do not offer storage facilities and hence people end up having cluttered spaces in their house. It leads to chaos because with such a mess, it becomes difficult to locate the important stuff since everything is scattered.

Are you among those facing storage problems? Have you recently moved houses? Is your house a mess? Do you need to declutter and organize your house? Do not worry! You are not alone in this and be assured that there are some easy tips and tricks to get your house in order. Here are some ways to manage and organize your household space. Let’s discuss each of these in detail.

1. Devise a plan

Firstly, you need to devise a plan to start organizing because the process of cleaning can be daunting. Therefore, when you decide to declutter, come up with a strategy first. This includes deciding the areas of the house that need cleaning and organizing, whether it is the bedroom, living room, kitchen or laundry area. The initial step is to look for all the cluttered spaces.

Next, decide a starting point. This means you first need to identify the areas of your house that need cleaning and then decide which space needs to be tackled first. This step ensures that every area of your house is taken care of and also makes cleaning easier. It is advised to start with cupboards and drawers because they tend to be the messiest.

2. Start with decluttering

Once you’ve devised a plan, the next step is to declutter your space. Get rid of all unnecessary belongings and items you haven’t used in over a year. Not only do they occupy space, they also cause storage problems. The best way to go about this is to use three boxes and label them as  Recycle, Store and Dispose. Starting with your wardrobe, get rid of clothes that you don’t wear, and those that are undersized or oversized. You will need to make quick and firm decisions when decluttering a space. Not doing this, especially when it comes to your closet, can lead to a pile of unnecessary clothes, and also adds to pointless cluttering.

Collect all unused clothing items in the Recycle box. You can donate this to organizations that help the poor and needy, or have a clothes swap with friends and family. Next, store your off-season clothes and shoes in the Store box or take advantage of your local storage services. For example, you can store your winter clothes during the summers and vice versa.

Storage companies in Dubai

3. Organize your space

After decluttering and sorting your items, utilize your wardrobes and drawers only for things you would use daily. Arrange items in an orderly fashion by designating separate shelves for different items of clothing, such as reserving one for shirts, one for trousers, one for undergarments and so on. Fold the clothes neatly and compactly to store them using less space and avoid dumping them into your cupboards and drawers. Keep sheets and towels separated so that they don’t get jumbled with everyday wear. Get drawer and cupboard organizers as they really help in consolidating belongings and keeping items of the same function in one place. This helps in keeping your cupboard and drawer organized for a long time.

4. Bathroom and laundry organizing

A number of houses in Dubai do not offer appropriate storage facilities, which leads to piling of items in bathrooms and laundry areas. So in order to keep these areas neat and tidy, it is better to use organizers to stack toiletries and other bathroom accessories. Not only will this help clean up the mess, it will also help you find what you’re looking for easily. A simple rule to follow when cleaning and organizing is to keep flat surfaces clear. Therefore, bathroom counters, washing machines and laundry counters should be kept clear or only have necessary items placed on them. The solution to this problem is to get basket organizers and place these items in them.

Arranging these organizers under counter spaces and corners is an ideal way to keep them out of your way, yet accessible. While sorting and arranging spaces, useless items should be placed in the Dispose or Recycle box, while the rest can go in the Store box. You can also let a storage facility help guide you in assessing your storage requirements if you’re unsure of how to go about organizing your space.

5. Decluttering your kitchen

Kitchens are one of the most used places in a house. It is also a place that is likely to be more cluttered compared to other places because of the large number of kitchen accessories used. Hence, sticking to the same rule of placing very few items on counters, get rid of all the unnecessary items from countertops. Only store appliances that are used daily, such as toasters and microwave ovens. Store the rest away and take them out as and when needed. Once again, this is where drawer organizers come in handy. Also dispose or recycle any unused utensils and keep only the ones that are in daily use. Once organized, your kitchen will have a marked effect on your surroundings.

6. Storing the rest

Once your house is organized and your items are neatly tucked away in the Store, Dispose and Recycle boxes, it’s time to take action. While your disposable and recyclable items can be tossed out or donated, respectively, items in your Store box need to be stored in an effective manner. It’s understable that most apartments today don’t come with a lot of storage space so this can be difficult. However, you can take advantage of self-storage services like The Box. One can simply decide on the kind of storage space they are looking for, and storage facilities will guide you through the process. Not only can this help you store your products efficiently, you can also be rest assured, your items will be protected. You can label your boxes and opt for storage spaces as per your requirement.

Storage companies in Dubai offer plenty of storage facilities that are not only convenient for people but also offer a solution to one of the most important concerns of clutter.

While The Box offers storage facilities, it can also arrange for consultation services and guide you on your storage requirement. If you’re looking to declutter and organize your space this season, get in touch with The Box to learn more.

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