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How Lasik Surgery Can Change Your Life

LASIK is the most common laser eye treatment for correcting refractive vision problems.

The doctor must make an incision through the cornea of the eye during LASIK surgery, lift a tissue flap and reshape the cornea to correct vision.

You may have reservations about allowing a doctor to slice your eye, but studies show that complications arise in less than 1 in 20 operations, and even these are usually minor problems that do not cause vision loss.

For many reasons, LASIK is a good option to enhance vision.

LASIK has a lot of advantages. After the procedure, nearly 96% of patients would have their ideal vision. Thanks to the numbing drops that are used, LASIK is often associated with very little pain.

Vision is almost instantly fixed on the day or after a day of the procedure. In fact, after LASIK, no bandages or stitches are needed. Corrections can be made years after your first LASIK if vision changes as you age.

Many patients have a dramatic decrease in eyeglass or contact lens dependency after getting LASIK, and they are no longer needed by several patients.

It’s difficult to know before you really go and do it but you can get a pretty good idea with our list of ways your life can change after a LASIK procedure:

You No Longer Have To Use Any Kit Or Equipment To See

Think about it- when was the last time you drove, went for a run, or did something without some kind of visual equipment?

While it can be a hassle to always remember to wear your glasses or put on your contacts before doing something, it can be easy to get used to.

What you’re not going to get round to, though, is not stressing out on a vacation because you can’t find your contact lenses, or read on the train without the glare that hurts your eyes.

After a LASIK treatment, you can finally bid your prescription glasses and contact lenses goodbye!

Be More Confident

Most people have noticed that their level of confidence has improved after LASIK surgery. While many people use and enjoy glasses to look stylish, these are a source of discomfort and insecurity for others.

After LASIK eye surgery, those who hate the way they look with glasses will definitely get a boost of confidence. You no longer have to worry about matching your glasses to your outfit, not to mention, the glare they can leave in photos.

No Longer Seeing The World Through A Distorted And Faulty Lens

The glass lenses will never be clear again, besides the first day you buy your glasses. Pollution, dust, dirt, water, make-up, smoke, fabrics, wind, mist, saliva — if it’s in the air, on your skin, or on your hands, it’ll find its way to be on your glasses.

Many little bumps and bruises and imperfections are also picked up by the glasses over time. And because they’re so subtle, you’re not going to notice the difference before you can see without them.

Hangover Days Will Be Fun Again

It used to be one of the little pleasures of life to stay in bed on the weekend and watching television after a late night and a few pints of beer.

Suddenly, if you lost your contacts overnight and can’t remember where you left your glasses before you collapsed, life now gives you headaches instead of pleasure. 

Worst of all, you won’t get to enjoy some of the things you used to, due to the relentless dryness and eye strain.

Life is More Convenient After LASIK Eye Surgery

Imagine waking up with a clear, sharp vision in the morning and not having to search for your glasses or contacts; always being able to get out of bed and be good to go! This is one of the top reasons people opt to have LASIK surgery—convenience.

They are sick of the constant stress that comes with wearing prescription glasses and contact lenses.

What LASIK is all about is not having to worry about damaging your glasses while running, or a piece of sand being stuck under your contact lens at the beach!

With the help of a LASIK specialist in Dubai, you can save more money, gain more confidence, and enjoy convenience.

In about 15-20 minutes, LASIK surgery could change your life for the better. If you are interested in learning more about LASIK surgery or are interested in scheduling your surgery, visit

If you want to know whether you make a good candidate for any vision treatment procedures, you can visit their clinic and consult with their professional and trained staff. 

The treatment and procedures are performed on-site to ensure your comfort and convenience. Spanish Eye Clinic uses state of the art technology and the unmatched experience and expertise of our specialist eye surgeons, and patients are offered many choices to correct vision problems ensuring the best possible results.

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