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LASIK Eye Surgery: Everything You Need To Know

Our eyes play such a huge role in our lives and are considered as one of the most important senses of all time. Can you imagine a world without the ability to see anything around you? A pitch dark life is something we are all afraid of and so we take immense care of our eyes, come what may. Other than experiencing complete blindness, another irritating factor that puts you on the edge is when your vision is utterly blurred. Although complete blindness isn’t usually treatable, this issue can be treated with the help of LASIK eye surgery.

LASIK eye surgery, as the name suggests uses laser technology to improve the vision of your eyes to make them experience the ability to see things clearly. This used to seem like a dream a few years ago, but with the improved technology in the medical field, your eyes can gain their vision back. But this isn’t a cakewalk surgery and as a patient, you must be extremely careful and sure about proceeding ahead with this. 

Our eyes unlike other senses are sensitive and getting something done to them like surgery will need immense thinking. The whole LASIK eye surgery plays a role where our eye specialist will see to it that you’re the right candidate for this. So, it isn’t solely your decision to get this done, the eye examination also plays a vital role to make sure your eyes are just fine. Although, you might get excited about getting this surgery done to get rid of the glasses and lens you’ve been wearing your whole life, consult our eye specialist for a proper examination. Let us go through why and what you should do after getting a LASIK eye surgery done:

Why Should You Get It Done?

Are you suffering from vision loss? Then this surgery may be the right option for you. LASIK eye surgery helps in correcting your vision by bringing back clarity. This is one of the common eye surgery people are opting for nowadays, but there are its conditions before actually getting them done. For example, as we mentioned earlier in this blog, it is necessary to get your eyes properly checked in order to see if they are in proper condition.

Our eye specialist will also ask you if you’ve experienced any eye issues before or has had any surgery done before etc. This is to keep you on the safe side so that the LASIK eye surgery doesn’t cause any side effect to your eyes. But don’t worry, if you’ve been having eye issues like myopia, hyperopia, etc, this can be the right surgery to get rid of them once and for all.

So, if you’d want to get these eye problems like hyperopia or myopia, you can opt for LASIK eye surgery which will help you gain the best results. This surgery is a short and safe procedure that has the ability to treat refractive issues which later on leads to blurred vision. 

Preparing For LASIK eye surgery

eye specialist in Dubai

It is one of the most effective corrective methods that are in use today due to the simplicity of this surgery, unlike others. One of the reasons why it’s a simple procedure is because of the speedy recovery and very short time needed for your eyes to heal after the surgery. 

The entire surgical procedure takes up to 30 minutes max, and in some cases, there will be immediate vision change where the person will be able to see things clearly. But before proceeding with the surgery, our eye specialist will conduct an eye examination, a few days before the actual surgery to ensure that your eyes are a perfect fit for LASIK eye surgery. This is extremely important to get done to make sure that you don’t have an infection or any injury. But, if you do have the same, our eye specialist will advise you to wait till your eyes completely recover from all that and then go ahead with the surgery. This is to be done so that your eyes can respond to the changes well and thus heal. 

Although your eyes are supposed to be healthy for the surgery, so does your body. This is required as your eyes can heal quickly after the surgery and sometimes your body might not have the strength to undergo this surgery if you’re facing any illness. So, get this checked as well. Your age also plays a role in this and doctors recommend to get this done for adults only, as the eyes of the kids are too sensitive. 

Our eye specialists also claim that pregnant women are not suitable for LASIK eye surgery, because it may somehow have a different impact on the body. Our eye doctor says that during pregnancy, the body tends to undergo certain hormonal changes that may alter the shape of your cornea, so the surgery might not turn out to be successful. 

Aftercare Procedure

In order for things to work fine, we have to try hard from our side as well to make sure that everything is set straight. This applies to LASIK eye surgery too. In order to acquire the best results for your eyes and for it to be a success, you have to take care of your eyes well after the surgery. Right after the surgery is done, our eye specialist will administer a few medicines to calm down and increase the healing. In some cases, you don’t have to stay back at the clinic and can leave almost immediately after the surgery and rest your eyes at home. But in other cases, some may feel heaviness and itchiness in their eyes, which needs to be checked by our eye specialist. This isn’t unusual, but common after LASIK eye surgery. 

It is also recommended to not drive after the surgery is done, or even take a head bath so that your eyes remain unaffected. Consider taking an off from work to give your eyes complete rest for at least two days to acquire the best results. 

LASIK eye surgery is hence considered as one of the best surgeries for all your never ending vision issues. However, before actually proceeding with it, consider having a conversation with this with our eye specialist in Dubai to understand everything about this surgery.

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