Semi-permanent make-up

Semi-Permanent Makeup: What To Expect & Aftercare Instructions

Do you wish to have instant fab-looking brows as you wake up in the morning or want an eyeliner that never smudges and does not need to be constantly touched up? 

Semi-permanent make-up can help you get ready in no time! That means more time for snoozing and less time fretting about getting late.

Makeup can take a little bit of our time, so why not consider semi-permanent makeup? You can have your brows, your lips, and your eyeliner done! 

This article will guide you through the phase from pretreatment to healing and aftercare, as everybody wants to understand what to expect from semi-permanent makeup.

What To Expect:

During Pre-treatment

You will need to fill in some documentation when you first arrive for your treatment. This notifies us of any health concerns that you may have and provides us with your previous medical records.

You will need to have a topical anesthetic applied before we even start operating on you.  This makes the session as painless as possible, making the experience more pleasant. We apply the topical anesthetic at least 45 minutes before treatment.

During Consultation

We’ll go through the consultation process once you’re numb and we’re ready to continue. We’re going to talk about brow or eyeliner shape, what you’re hoping for, what styles would fit your facial structure and the color you’re going to apply. We’ll also inform you of what to expect in the course of treatment, explain how to take proper care of them and how often to get back for touch-ups.

Pre-treatment photographs will also be included in your consultation. When you’ve finished your brows treatment for the first time, your face may swell, distorting the after look. The pre-treatment pictures, once they’ve gone down, offer you a general look at how far they’ve come from the start.

The eyebrows of every people are varied, and they are rarely symmetrical. We will go through a multitude of varying brow shapes during this consultation stage, from straight to those with a drastic high arch. Throughout the treatment, these brow templates stay in place, enabling us to guarantee that eyebrows are the same size and attain your preferred look.

Semi-permanent make-up

During The Procedure

You’re going to go through three stages. First, anesthetic, then the first round of application. We’re going to use an extra anesthetic pass to activate it and move on to your second application. Then there is a final anesthetic application and the final run. Once those three steps are finished, we will go back to any parts that need a touch-up.

We will clean off any remaining pigment after your treatment and you can open your eyes gently. We’re going to offer you a mirror to look at the results. Bear in mind that the faces of everyone is unique and that each individual can swell just as different as the next one.

If you go for a brows shade that is much lighter or more defined, the results at first may be unsettling. That’s common. Just give them time to settle down. Please remember that they will initially be darker than what they will look when fully healed.

We’re going to take an ‘after’ photo of your brows after we’re done with the treatment. You can get a true feeling of the modifications that took place with a side-by-side comparison with the image before and admire your fresh look!

Healing and Aftercare Instructions:

Proper aftercare is a very significant part if you want to achieve a natural-looking and healthy semi-permanent make-up that will last long. To obtain the best possible outcomes from your semi-permanent makeup treatment, it is very essential to follow these directions.

Mentioned here are general aftercare semi-permanent makeup guidelines that will help to prevent any infections or issues and ensure a rapid and successful healing process:

  • Never touch with your fingers the healing pigmented region. They may be infected with bacteria and cause infection.
  • On or around the third day, the treated area may have some peeling. This is a standard aspect of some customers’ healing process.
  • After the initial treatment, follow-up appointments should be arranged between 6-8 weeks. Do not chastise your treatment while it is in the phase of healing as it may require a touch-up.
  • You may be allergic to the aftercare product if you experience unnecessary itching, inflammation, stinging or any other post-procedural problems, stop using the aftercare item and contact your technician instantly.
  • All semi-permanent make-up carries the inherent risk of infection and/or allergic response, so if swelling, discomfort, abrasions continues for more than a couple of days, it may be a sign of infection, so consult with your doctor immediately.

Average Healing Time And Process: 

Average healing time varies from case to case and depends on several physical factors including age, type of skin, blood flow, hormonal cycles, and how easily and/or heavily you bruise and swell.

Thos with mature, looser skin tends to take a little longer to heal than younger skin. Other variables that may influence recovery time include lifestyle, eating habits, excessive physical exercise, direct sunlight exposure, and any medicines you may take.

Once fully cured and within four to eight weeks of your first procedure, you may need a second treatment to attain ideal results.

Touch-up Procedure:

After about two weeks, during the “thinning” or “scabbing” phase, your eyebrows should have been healed. The previous shade intensity and density will fade, and after the first three weeks, your desired colour shade will begin to appear.

You will finish your touch-up procedure at about the six to ten-week mark to fill in any areas that need to be fixed or corrected. The purpose of this session is not to alter the shape of the original make-up, as agreed at your initial procedure. You will have to pay accordingly if you want to alter the shape during your follow-up appointment.

The make-up artist will go over your eyebrows again during this touch-up session, precisely repeating the initial procedure. This repetition enables the tattoo to last longer and promotes a more permanent embedding of the ink into the skin.

More Questions?

If you have further questions regarding semi-permanent make-up, feel free to get in touch with us here at Browz Dubai. Browz is led by award-winning highly sought-after therapists, leaders in the field, who have come together to share with you their expertise, in the ever-evolving world of semi-permanent makeup.

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