natural hardwood flooring

The Importance of What Lies Beneath

Just like a country’s terrain is described by its landscape so is a home’s first look given off by its flooring.

Very frequently, people tend to spend a fortune on what their households inside and not enough on what their house stands on.

What you put on the floor shouldn’t just be a reflection of your desire and taste but should also provide value and long-lasting support for years to come.

Thousands of stores across hundreds of countries offer an unlimited range of flooring options from marble to ceramic and tiles to laminate. And then, of course, there is the king of them all, natural wood.

Even here, there are a score of options available which is why it doesn’t hurt to know exactly what you should be looking for when scouring good hardwood.

Seven Advantages of Natural Hardwood Flooring

1. Enjoy Cleaner Air

      One of its biggest selling factors is that natural hardwood flooring helps ensure better indoor air quality because it releases extremely low chemical emissions. Its non-toxicity has a lot to do with the fact that it doesn’t contain glue like engineered and bamboo wood and has no fibers, grout lines or embossing that can absorb dust, animal dander, dirt or allergens. These factors are also bound to make it very appealing for consumers with allergies, asthma or the like.

2. Value For Money

      This one is sure to interest you because it involves saving money! Wood is prone to improving your home’s heat circulation because it naturally absorbs heat and allows it to circulate. Seeing as it acts like a natural insulator, it also maintains heat longer because it has a higher thermal mass thereby allowing your utility bill to stay low, low, low.

3. Endless Options

      You would think since you hunkered down and made a decision to choose wood, your job is done. But this is where you are just getting started. Now you get to work with your contractor on the wood type, the specific shade, and even the plank size. Offering a wide range of appearances, no matter which one you decide whether oak, mahogany, hickory, pine, cherry, walnut or cypress, they will each come with their own set of uniqueness. In addition to varying colors, styles, stain and species, we’re talking natural beauty enhanced by a variety of shades, swirls, and grains to add character, as your home requires.

4. Less Input, More Output

      We’re moving on to low maintenance and uncanny longevity here. When it gets dirty, sweep clean with a broom. If you spill a drink, immediately wipe dry with a clean cloth. If you’re particular with the quality of its sheen, use a good floor cleaner once a week. A well-kept carpet needs to be replaced every 10 years while natural hardwood floors are sometimes known to last as long as the house itself. Able to stand active workspaces and heavy foot traffic, when it comes to durability, hardwood flooring will make like the trees of a dense forest and continue to last for generations to come.

5. Better Safe Than Sorry

      Here comes safety. Falls are quite a common yet overlooked form of injury. Hardwood flooring is not naturally slippery and will always be a safer bet than laminates and other materials, except for carpets. But since carpets are known to harbor dust, pollutants and even parasites, their safety value doesn’t hold up as much when compared to their wood counterpart.

natural hardwood flooring

6. The Wow Factor

Beautiful flooring boosts up a home’s appearance pretty much as anything else in it. But high-quality wood, in particular, adds a dose of elegance and warmth unlike any other and of course, it refuses to fade no matter its age. It also doesn’t hold grudges against any particular piece of furniture allowing all to balance their individuality brilliantly with its own. The fact that it will probably increase the revalue of your home can’t hurt either. Your home will most likely end up selling faster and for a better price.

7. It Has A Nice Ring To It

This is beginning to SOUND too good to be true. Speaking of sound, has it been mentioned that natural hardwood improves acoustics within a room? Case in point, its widespread use in dance and music studios where due to a reduction in hollow sounds and vibrations, acoustic quality reigns high.

A Long-Term Investment HARD to Pass Up

If you’re looking to refurbish your floors and are stumped for choice considering the million and one out there, stop for a second and reflect on the long list of benefits that come with natural hardwood flooring.

In one go, you can obtain timeless beauty, easy maintenance, greater durability and a high possibility to increase the value of your house.

Even though it takes your eyes a little while to find the floors in your house, they do eventually get there, so why not give them a view to be proud of.

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