Tips And Guide To Choosing The Right Kindergarten In Dubai

How do you choose the best kindergarten for your kids? 

Keep in mind, you’re looking for a school to make your child’s educational experience as fulfilling as possible.

It can be a difficult process to choose a kindergarten for your child. Wherever you look, there seems to be an influx of new private daycare and kindergarten choices.

But above all, this is probably the first time you’ve had to entrust the well-being of your child to anyone outside of your immediate family and friends circle. Choosing the right kindergarten may seem very overwhelming, particularly if its your very first kid.

It is important to have a top-quality kindergarten because it introduces your little ones to life outside of your home. Here are some of the most important things to consider when selecting the right kindergarten for your kid.

What To Look For When You Visit Kindergarten Schools in Dubai

You will be able to tell if the ambiance of the kindergarten is welcoming or cold, laid back or frantic, when you first enter the school.

When visiting Kindergarten schools in Dubai, you should ensure that the place is safe and comfortable and the kids should have fun and challenging activities to choose from.

You should see the teacher and other educators happily working with the children and relishing their company.

It should have a vibrant setting in which children’s artwork is shown on the walls and an overall feeling of creativity and innovation should be present.

Also, observe the children’s attitude and see if they look happy and engaged. In order to ensure safety and security, kindergartens should also have policies and procedures in place.

The staff should be able to interact warmly and attentively with the children It is also essential that the kindergarten values structured play and learning outcomes.

Selecting the right school for your kid is just the initial step. When your child is enrolled, transitioning into the new environment and routine can take some time. In the first few weeks, it is common for them to feel stressed and anxious about being separated from you.

The new environment is likely to challenge them and during this time, they will need your encouragement and support.

Take Into Account Your Family And Your Child

When prioritizing which school options in your community would be a perfect fit for your kid, you should take into account the following: vicinity, behavioral issues and special needs of your child, and schedules. These are the top three family logistics categories to consider.


If your daily commute is west, but the kindergarten you think you want to go to is east, think about the logistics of this. If the school is an hour away,  think about the impact on the family’s bedtime and levels of stress.

Special needs

Special needs range from learning to food allergies. If your child has special learning or development needs and the school does not offer assistance for this, you should cross it off your list immediately.

If your child has food allergies and the school does not have the policies to address it, you should also not consider this kindergarten. You may also be concerned about exposure to dirt, mold or chemical.

It is important to look for a school that will support your child’s special needs. 

Schedules and Availabilities

Take a look at each family member’s average daily routine and their availability. Look at the adult family members’ work schedules, particularly when they start and finish the work.

Looking at the end of the day schedules will allow you to look at who will take care of your child after he or she gets out of school.

Another aspect of schedules is to think about how long you’re going to have to sleep and recuperate. One thing we usually don’t take into account is how tired our children are in the first few months.

Talking about how you as a family can sustain each other through these changes can help maintain peace and prosperity for everyone.

Gather Information About The Schools

If you were looking to buy a vehicle or appliances, you’d ask your friends and family and find information on the Internet, or read consumer magazines and other publicly available resources.

Likewise, you may also need to make phone calls while researching schools, gather written material from different schools, or look through local newspaper articles to get the details you need.

You can also go to parent fairs and open houses for kindergartens.

Once you find a school that brings out the best in your child the hard work will be worth your time.

You’ll also want to know about school policies and services along with the education programs and philosophy of the schools. Parents may also want to take into account after-school programs, such as sports, clubs, tutoring, or academic enrichment, that the kindergarten school in Dubai offers.


By gathering information, chatting with other parents, visiting schools, and using your personal preference, you can now take the lead in ensuring that your son or daughter gets the best education possible. That’s just the beginning, however. 

If you stay involved in the education of your child, inspire your child to study hard, and provide additional learning opportunities at home and in the community, you can help your child go further.

Keep in mind that it is your right and responsibility to seek the best education for your son or daughter.

Ask the right questions and process the information to make the best decision by identifying specific needs or practical limitations and then reasserting family values.

About The Author 

Kids Island Nursery in Dubai, is not your typical kindergarten or creche.  With a nature-based approach to learning, this family owned British Curriculum preschool located in Jumeirah, know that the early years of childhood form the foundation of how children experience and interact with the world throughout their lives.  

The environment and specialised learning program provides children between the ages of 8 months and 4 years, with opportunities to explore, investigate and inquire about the wonders around them.  The nursery has provided high-quality childhood education in Dubai for the past 28 years.

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