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Top Decorating Ideas for Mirrors

Mirrors are not only designed to give an interior an elegant touch. They are also the ideal solution to make the ambiance of the space lighter and larger.

Any well-designed place should have a mirror for its designs and functions. Some are simply for checking out your reflection while others are mainly for bouncing light around, and there is a whole category that appears solely for aesthetics because of its distinctive shape or finish.

Mirrors, depending on where you place them, can fade into the background or be a stylish piece.

Mirrors are a good way to make a space larger, using reflective surfaces to make a room feel bigger than it really is. Mirrors are not only fun to decorate with, but they can easily become your home or facility’s show-stopping lynchpin with a little creativity.

Here are some ways you can do wonderful things with mirrors — from the easiest to the most creative.

Top Tips When Decorating with Mirrors

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You can add a mirror to many places around your building. A lobby or lounge area is an ideal location. A giant wall mirror can be as elegant as an intricate painting with a precise frame.

Some areas where you can place a mirror include the hallways, the kitchen, the stairway, and the entrance. You can also install the mirror outdoors like on the porch or on a wall parallel to the garden.

For those with small gardens, the latter is a particularly good idea. The mirror produces an illusion of flowers growing beyond what they really have.

The trick to decorating with mirrors is to angle them properly and know how to mix and match whatever positions you prefer. Make sure that the mirror reflects every light that comes in properly. After all, light coaxes the elegance of a mirror.

Add your own light fixtures if it’s too little or no natural sunlight hitting the mirror. A mirror-facing overhead or wall light will create a beautiful effect.

Hanging many mirrors of different shapes and sizes in larger areas such as the living room can make for an aesthetically pleasing space. Just make sure that the mirrors complement each other and don’t compete for attention

You can have several round mirrors of different sizes, for example. Each can have their own subtly different frame which fits well with the others.

When all the pieces are mounted on a single wall, a mirror combination usually works best. It creates a kind of gallery that becomes the room’s area of focus.

Simply pick a wall in front of the windows. This makes it possible for the mirrors to reflect more light around and produce an even sunnier look.

You can also arrange a cool juxtaposition between mirrors and other furniture. A big mirror, for example, can reflect an opposite piece of art. You can also place a mirror that can reflect the view outside of the house.

The framing plays an even bigger role in the overall layout with decorative wall mirrors. Keep a specific theme or design, as much as you might like different frame types for different mirrors.

Do not have a mirror with a wrought metal frame in an industrial style and another frame with a wooden trim in a country style. Find a way to work within a single theme, even for mirrors placed in various spaces.

Mirror tiles are becoming more and more popular. They make awesome backsplashes when combined with lighting and are easy to maintain. Even in other areas such as the bathroom, mirror tiles are common.

For extra oomph, go for mosaic tiles mirror. They come in much different variety of patterns that glamorize every space in which they are used. You can even use the mirror mosaic tiles to build a complete accent wall.

Round mirrors are getting a resurgence. These circles are definitely a soothing, eye-pleasing form, but they can equalize a composition full of other geometric elements as well. The circular mirror brings softness to all that edge.

A couple of large, window-like mirrors give a sense of harmony to a neutral layout of the living room.

Use an old school rectangular pier mirror if you have high ceilings. Such pieces used to be stand-ins for windows back in the Victorian era to make rooms bigger and brighter. 

You can position the mirror similar to a framed picture or a painting. In reality, one of the living room walls where you hang a mirror between a series of framed pictures can create a wonderful display.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to mirroring decoration ideas, there are really no particular constraints and there are many different ways you can use mirrors to make your interior at more fun and aesthetically-pleasing.

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